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BONTEMPS, a royal fine wine advisor ...


Tasted it already but can’t put your finger on it ? Asking yourself where this tasty beverage is coming from ? 
First of all, let’s back it up a little, to the time of king of France Louis XIV. We chose the name “Royal Bontemps” in honor of Alexandre Bontemps, governor of the royal palace of Versailles, king Louis XIV’s favorite attendant and personal advisor. He knew absolutely everything about the king; his private life, his habits and most of all his favorite wines…

Just as Alexandre Bontemps has done for the king in selecting wines for the royal court, we have selected top quality and outstanding price performance ratio wines from France’s exceptional wine regions for you to enjoy.

Versailles chateau. France. View of gold

Adopt the French lifestyle…

with a twist !

At a sunny cafe terrace or wherever they seem to be, the French love to debate and express their points of view while savoring a good glass of wine.

Royal Bontemps was founded on the idea of enjoying the simple pleasures in life and having fun. It’s an invitation to have a good time and to be together with friends.

The Bontemps lifestyle in a nutshell; friendship, casualness, sharing, zest for life, “laissez les bons temps rouler” (let the good times roll), togetherness and above all, the love of wine ! :) And today happiness and fellowship are king, so join the Bontemps experience, eat well and drink well. No matter the occasion or setting, (picnics, BBQ or fine dining), you will always find a Royal Bontemps wine tailored for you. 

Which BONTEMPS Lifestyle are you ?

Which BONTEMPS COLOR are you ?

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