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Royal Bontemps related Questions :

Where does the Royal Bontemps name come from ?

The Royal Bontemps (RB) name originates from Alexandre Bontemps, King Louis XIV’s personal advisor and esquire during the mid 17th Century, he advised the king on a daily basis by planning out his different activities, and by selecting wines to serve for the frolicking royal court of Versailles.

What is the “French lifestyle with a twist” or the “Bontemps Lifestyle” ?

  • Drinking wine and having fun : Royal Bontemps was founded on the idea of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. It’s an invitation to have a good time and to be together with friends. We want people around the world to be able to drink good french wine without the fuss of being a connoisseur. In this manner, our motto “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (Let the good times roll) take’s all it’s meaning. In this simple yet essential concept we give you the opportunity to taste a wide selection of International varietals & trendy Blends originating from France’s exceptional wine regions.

  • Every wine from the Royal Bontemps collection possesses its unique personality or as we like to call it “Bontemps Lifestyle”. Depending on the wine’s character & its regional origin, we have given a certain attribute which best represents its lifestyle for you to easily identify with.

Where can I find Royal Bontemps wines near me ?

You can find out which varietals are available in your country by visiting the Where To Buy section of the website.

Wine care related Questions :

How long can I keep a RB wine once opened ?

Once opened slip the cork back in the bottle and drink within the next 2-3 days. You can store your wine in a dark and cool place for best preservation.

How long should I cellar wine?

Why wait, RB wines are produced and bottled to be enjoyed straight away, but they can still be kept at least two years after the vintage.

How do I match food to wine?

There are no rules, we believe you can enjoy your own food and wine match, but just in case you happen to be a food enthusiast like us, we have prepared a few matchmaking recipe ideas, for more information, visit Our Wines & Lifestyles section.

How do I best serve my wine ?

Bubbles and white wine should be kept between  46.5°-50°F / 8°-10°C and red wine around 53.5°-57°F / 15°-18°C.

General Knowledge related Questions :

How many glasses per bottle ?

If your planning on letting loose,  count at least 4 well served glasses.

Why is there residue at the bottom of my glass ?

The deposit is a natural component of the winemaking process which come from the skin of the grape. When the wine has been in a bottle for several months, these small particles precipitate and form a deposit at the bottom of the bottle. This deposit is completely natural and can be removed by passing it through a small colander. If you want to serve from the bottle, just remember to avoid serving your guests with the bottom of the bottle (about 2 to 3 cm).

What are tannins ?

Tannins are tiny particles found in grape skins and seeds mixed with the wine during the fermentation period, tannins produce a dry sensation in the mouth. They provide color, flavor and structure to the wine.

Health related Questions :

What is the french paradox ?

“The French Paradox”, is the nickname given to a phenomena observed in an american scientific study who found out that the french population even with a high fat diet, developed only half the median number of medical heart conditions and tended to live longer than the average by 2.5 years, this study showed that red wine, especially red wines from the south west of France were responsible for the health increase. The program catalyzed a 40% increase in North American demand for red wines.

What are Sulphites and does your wines contain any?

Sulphites or SO2 is a chemical compound made up of sulfur and oxygen and is used to preserve foods and beverages, which it does by acting as an antioxidant and antimicrobial. Sulphites have been used in winemaking for thousands of years, ever since the ancient Romans discovered that it would keep their wine from turning into vinegar. To this day, winemakers use them to preserve the flavor and freshness of wines. The sulphite levels in Royal Bontemps wines are low to medium range.

How many calories in a glass of Royal Bontemps ?

A 12.5cl glass contains about 100 calories.

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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